OrderTrax & Essent FAQ

Q: How will the acquisition impact our company?

A: Positively. It’s business as usual for OrderTrax2, TAG Software Suite, and the ePSA Trading Network. As a Solution Provider to the industry, Essent brings years of network management and systems integration expertise.

Q: Will any products or services be discontinued?

A: No. All current products and services will continue to be offered. Additionally, Business Analysis and System Integration services, previously discontinued, are immediately available again.

Q: How long will the transition take?

A: We’ve already started the process. The transition is expected to be completed by the end of Q1 2011. The Essent Network Operations Center in conjunction with OrderTrax2 and the ePSA Network engineering office is actively managing the transition following Essent service levels of 99.7% uptime. There are no planned interruptions in service.

Q: What does this mean for the long-term strategic direction?

A: In the new year, Essent will be infusing OrderTrax2 and the TAG Software Suite with Essent technology to enhance the speed, accuracy, and security of business transactions between distributors and suppliers. Long term, Essent technology and development team will continue to build out functionality to better meet the needs of the industry.

Q: How will this impact the ePSA Network we’ve been using for years?

A: Essent will continue to manage and build-out the ePSA Network.  As new documents are added to the ePSA Standard, you’ll have new options available to you that will allow you to send and receive those documents easier than ever before. PPAI and Essent are long-time supporters of the ePSA Standards and the Network.  Essent will improve the Network operations and increase the adoption of the Standards making it even more valuable to its users.

Q: I’ve integrated my ERP system with OrderTrax2, what does this mean for me?

A: The Application Programming Interfaces, Web Services, and Integration Processes will continue to be supported at this time.  Essent will continually evaluate processes and actively participate in setting ePSA Standards that positively impact the network.

Q: I’m a QuickBooks user, what does this mean for me?

A: Today, your QuickBooks Plug-In for OrderTrax2 and your login to the www.OrderTrax2.com website will continue to work as they always have.  In the future you’ll have access to many more features and functionality through the comprehensive suite of network and business management software.

Q: What if I am a service provider offering OrderTrax2 to my customers?

A: Essent is committed to working with all current and future service providers that are interested in integrating with the ePSA Network.

Q: How will this impact pricing?

A: There are no changes at this time. Over time, offerings and pricing will evolve as market needs dictate. Any changes will be communicated in advance.

Q: Why did PPAI sell OrderTrax2 to Essent?

A: “OrderTrax2 and the ePSA Trading Network improve operational efficiencies and increase bottom-line profitability for companies in the promotional products industry,” says Steve Slagle, CAE, president and CEO of PPAI.  “With Essent’s technological expertise and industry presence, Essent can take OrderTrax2 to the next level and achieve those goals. As a long-time member of ePSA, we’re impressed with Essent’s commitment to the ePSA standards and to maintaining the operations of the ePSA Network, which PPAI has long supported.

Q: Does PPAI still support the ePSA Standards?

A: PPAI has communicated they remain and will continue to remain a strong supporter of the ePSA Standards and believes this sale to Essent will allow the technologies to be even more widely adopted.

Q: Who should we contact when we need assistance?

A: You will continue to receive support through Essent Support at 610-559-9999 and 800-559-9959.

Q: If we have trading partners that want to get involved, what’s the first step?

A: Please contact Bryan Sheaffer, Vice President of Sales and Industry Specialist. Email Bryan at bsheaffer@essent.com. Call toll-free at 800-559-9959 or 610-559-9999, extension 826.

Q: How can we find out more information about Essent?

A: For more information please visit www.essent.com or call 800-559-9959.